Uttarakhand Ayurved University
(An autonomous body of Uttarakhand Government)


The objective of establishing of ayurved University would be to expand knowledge of Indian System of Medicine, its development and analysis through education, research, extension, education, services and effective exhibition as envisaged in Uttarakhand Ayurved University Act, 2009 are as follows :

  • To realize and shoulder the responsibility of new research in Indian System of Medicine and analyse and extend this knowledge.
  • By ensuring closer relationship of University with local and regional health problems and to develop overall health of individuals as well as society in order to extend benefits of knowledge and efficiency.
  • To strengthen research and specialty in Indian System of Medicine.
  • To enhance reception of knowledge with fast changing and developing society and to provide continuous opportunities in all fields of research of Indian System of Medicine through use of newer communication mediums and technologies.
  • To attain economic self-reliance by cost effective methods through educational and such associated programs and resource generating services.
  • To work as an educational centre for students of various parts of the country and abroad also.